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Constellion is a 2-D Action/Puzzle game. The game is designed to be "pick up and play," with a fast reaction time being key!

Current Version: 0.2

Note: There are only fifteen levels in this demo. Trying to go past that will result in a crash. Levels may be difficult, but you can skip select any (available) level in the level menu, so you can skip any level you want to! Also, don't try to read too much into the score "goal boxes." They are a placeholder from now, and are all the same. (Some, I believe, are impossible anyway).

Please follow the game's twitter at: https://twitter.com/constelliongame

...Or my personal twitter at: https://twitter.com/destin715

Please report any bugs, and any and all feedback is appreciated!

Install instructions

When you unzip the files, leave all contents in the same folder. All files in the package are REQUIRED. The executable file runs the game.


ConstellationGameDEMO.zip 2 MB

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